Presenting a Play School
Where Not Teaching is also called Teaching
Radiant Pre School

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Why should you choose Radiant
as the First Step of Learning for your Kids???

  • Well-Structured Methodology and Scientifically Designed Learning Techniques.

  • Play and Fun based Curriculum.

  • Well Trained and Groomed Female Staff.

  • Traditional Learning Tools and Methods.

Radiant Pre School at a Glimpse…

  • Spacious Classrooms

    Spacious Classrooms

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

  • Outdoor Sports

    Outdoor Sports

  • Indoor Playing Area

    Indoor Playing Area

  • Yoga and Physical Activities

    Yoga and Physical Activities

  • Teacher and Student Ratio 1:10

    Teacher and Student Ratio 1:10

  • CCTV Monitoring

    CCTV Monitoring

We are backed by IIM & IIT Graduates with experience of more than 15 years in field of Pre School Education, who always put their best to share the knowledge with you…