Points to Remember While Sending Kids to School on Rainy Days

Points to Remember While Sending Kids to School on Rainy Days

School on Rainy Days

The rainy days are one season that we all love. It brings many beautiful memories, nostalgia, and oodles of fun. Kids especially adore this season as they can do all kinds of fun activities while getting drenched in the rain and playing football on the muddy ground. They wait every day to enjoy an unplanned holiday with friends watching their favorite shows due to a heavy downpour.

But with all the fun come worrisome ailments, like cough and cold, mosquito-borne infections like malaria, dengue, and gastrointestinal diseases due to contamination. But it doesn’t mean you should tie your kids to home. A little precaution will keep them safe and healthy while letting them enjoy the perks of monsoon. Preschools in Indore are well-prepared to welcome the wet weather with covered play areas and emergency stocks of food, medicines, etc. while handing down a list of monsoon essentials to parents.

Here are a few tips to make your child rain-ready –

  • Kids get colds and flu quickly when they get wet. Invest in a good raincoat and umbrella to keep your child from getting wet. Make sure that the child is wearing a raincoat every time they head out in the rain. You can buy one as per your requirement, raincoats come in many shapes and styles. Make sure that they are easy to wear so that kids don’t have to struggle to wear or remove them.
  • Leading Play schools in Indore inform parents about the precautionary measures that should be taken to ensure safety and hygiene. Pack a healthy and tasty lunch in an air-tight box so that it remains fresh and away from contamination. This way, your child will not be attracted to unhealthy fast food.
  • Keep their books in a plastic bag before putting them in the school bag so that they don’t get wet even if the bag is wet.
  • Give them a hot water bath after coming from school with neem water or some antiseptic liquid to minimize the chances of getting any fungal infections and bacterial infections.
  • Sometimes, let them have their share of soaking in the rain but make sure that they take a bath after coming back and feed them warm soup or warm milk.

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